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The Sport
Air rifle and pistol target shooting is a national, international and Olympic sport. Traditionally, the Women's 10 Metre Air Rifle is the first medal to be presented at the Olympic Games. Forget all the stuff you hear on the news or read in the papers it is nothing to do with our sport. Airgun misuse has as much to do with target shooting as Joyriding has to do with Formula one motor racing.


The targets used in the 10 metre events are shown below. To hit a score of ten on the air rifle target one edge of the pellet must hit a spot half a millimetre across. For air pistol the ten ring is about the same diameter as an aspirin.

If you want to try this sport contact the club secretary Ian Waghorn. Details can be found on the Contact Us page. The first three visits are free!

A 10 metre rifle card compared to a 1p coin.

A 10 metre pistol card compared to a 1p coin.