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Shooting safely is the single most important factor in all the activities of the club. Not everyone can be a top shot, but everyone can be a safe shot. The safe handling of airguns is taught from the outset and safety is the responsibility of all the club members. Don't be offended if someone draws your attention to something you have done which is considered to be unsafe.

During the probationary period safe handling of guns will be stressed and experienced club members will keep an eye on you when you are shooting. It is a condition of full membership of the club that the club committee is reasonably assured that you know and apply the rules for safe shooting. Membership will be refused to anyone who the committee considers to be unsafe.

The club has an unblemished safety record so far and we want to keep it that way. In the event of some incident the club is covered by up to 5 million pounds public liability by virtue of membership of the NSRA.