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You don't need to buy a rifle or pistol to begin with. In fact it's a good idea to try the sport and see if you like it before spending any money.

Match airguns are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment capable of pin point accuracy and the club owns several which can be brought along for you to use provided we know when you intend to come.

Shooting jackets are also available, although there is no guarantee that the available sizes will fit everyone. If you are taking the sport reasonably seriously a jacket is a must. Shooting gloves are also available at the club - mostly right handed.

The latest generation of target air rifles and pistols are pre-charged pneumatic guns with a cylinder which can be charged up from a high pressure air source such as a diving bottle. The club has a large capacity air bottle available and members can fill up at no cost. There is also a large CO2 bottle suitable for charging air guns which use carbon dioxide as opposed to compressed air.

Air guns other than those intended for target shooting can be used safely on the range but the power of such guns must NOT exceed the legal kinetic energy limit of 12 ft lbs.